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Nebula Award winning Novels 1966-2012 [EPUB] [Corrected]
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Feb 19, 2013

Corrections in the torrent named
"Nebula Award winning Novels 1966-2012 [Science Fiction, EPUB]" by Annonymous. 

1. Torrent is completed now, it was not 100% seeded and most people were stuck at 99%. 
2. 2010 Nebula winner was not added in the torrent, Its added now, its a book called  "The Windup Girl" by "Paolo Bacigalupi".
3. 2011 had only one part of the winner "Black Out" by Connie Willis. The Nebula Award was given to both parts, other one 
being called "All Clear". Second part is also added in the current torrent. 
4. "The Mammoth Book Of Nebula Award" was already uploaded by tpb user "kevinkray"
I am only uploading the epub file for convenience, all thanks to "kevinkray". For mobi please use the link.
5. Seed till you die. Now alot of trackers are removing torrents after receiving the notices and complaints from their databases,
piratebay remains the most badass tracker refusing to bend itself. So please try to upload and seed as much as you can. 


Ps: i forgot to mention in the above description.
All thanks to the original uploaders who uploaded the ebooks in the 1st place.

torrent by kevinkray for the short novel, novella and short story winners.
Thanks do appreciate.
Many Thanks
Made some corrections and uploaded again
Thanks, m0zArT