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Jul 22, 2012

Granted, this music isn't for everyone. Mainly, it's a kind of musical souvenir for fans of '50s horror and sci-fi films. This the original Coral Records edition, issued around 1959, long before home video, when these slocky (but endearing) Universal horror films couldn't be seen outside theaters. It was meant for horror movie addicts - mostly teens - and the record company added voice-overs imitating Karloff and others to introduce the tracks. In the 1980s, Varese-Sarabande reissued the album without the introductions. This isn't generally regarded as classic Hollywood film music - these "B" picture scores, when original and not recycled from earlier films, were created in a hurry and on the cheap - but a few composers were masters at it, and the genre gave Henry Mancini and others who'd go on to great scores their start. The recordings are a product of the early stereo era and as such have some of the ping-pong effects in vogue then to show off the process.