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Yoko Ono - Rising Mixes 1996
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Oct 11, 2011

This 58-minute disc takes four of the tracks from the Yoko Ono/IMA album Rising - Talking to the Universe, Ask the Dragon, Where Do We Go from Here, and Rising - and assigns remix duties to, respectively, Cibo Matto, Ween, Tricky, and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. Of course, remix is a restrained word for what the remixers do. For example, Cibo Matto adds two drum sets, extra keyboards and samples, and a rap by Miho Hatori to Talking to the Universe, resulting in an extensively revised version of the song. Gene and Dean Ween and Andrew Weiss also play along with Ask the Dragon, retaining only Yoko Ono's arch spoken vocal. The album also includes The Source, credited to ABA Allstars, who are led by the Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch, which contains some of Ono's patented screaming, and the 30-minute Franklin Summer, which is not a special mix, but rather a new soundscape by Ono and IMA consisting of her ululating voice (and, halfway in, some improvised singing), acoustic guitars, and percussion. (

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Yoko Ono / IMA - Rising Mixes  1996

1. Talking To The Universe (Cibo Matto Remix)
2. The Source (ABA Allstars)
3. Ask The Dragon (Ween Remix)
4. Where Do We Go From Here (Tricky Remix)
5. Rising (Thurston Moore Remix)
6. Franklin Summer (Yoko Ono/IMA)

MCA Producer
Thurston Moore Remixing
Rob Stevens Producer, Mixing
Tricky Remixing
Andrew Weiss Keyboards, Mixing, Bass
Joshua Wertheimer Engineer
Mike Kelly Producer
Sean Lennon Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Guitar (Acoustic), Bass
Cibo Matto Mixing
Timo Ellis Drums, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Acoustic), Bass
Sam Koppelman Drums, Bass, Percussion
Dean Ween Guitar
Gene Ween Vocals, Producer
Russell Simins Drums
Denny Juge Producer
Miho Hatori Vocals
Yoko Ono Arranger, Vocals, Producer, Main Performer, Mixing
Dougie Bowne Drums
Mario Caldato, Jr. Producer
Ian Caple Engineer
Yuka Honda Keyboards, Sampling