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Cathy Berberian - Berio- Recital I for Cathy; Folk Songs; 3 Song
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Cathy Berberian Vocal 20th Century Music
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May 19, 2009

Track Listings
1. Recital I For Cathy: Se I Languidi Miei Sguardi  
2. Recital I For Cathy: Amor, Dov'e La Fe  
3. Recital I For Cathy: 'Ah! He Hadn't Been There Before...'  
4. Recital I For Cathy: 'Cl That's The Sound That Has Been Haunting Me...'  
5. Recital I For Cathy: Avendo Gran Desio  
6. Recital I For Cathy: 'Who Hasn't Taken A Piece Out Of My Life?'  
7. Recital I For Cathy: Musician Exchange: 'These 5 Men...'  
8. Recital I For Cathy: Exc: Mahler, Delibes, Rossini, Etc  
9. Recital I For Cathy: Calmo E Lontano: 'Libera Nos'  
10. Folk Songs: Black Is The Colour...  
11. Folk Songs: I Wonder As I Wander...  
12. Folk Songs: Loosin Yelav...  
13. Folk Songs: Rossignolet Du Bois  
14. Folk Songs: A La Femminisca  
15. Folk Songs: La Donna Ideale  
16. Folk Songs: Ballo  
17. Folk Songs: Motettu De Tristura  
18. Folk Songs: Malurous Qu' O Uno Fenno  
19. Folk Songs: Lo Fiolaire  
20. Folk Songs: Azerbaijan Love Song  
21. Song Of Sexual Slavery  
22. Le Grand Lustucru  
23. Surabaya Johnny  

Recital I (for Cathy), for female voice & 17 instruments 
Composed by Luciano Berio 
Performed by London Sinfonietta 
with Cathy Berberian 
Conducted by Luciano Berio 

Folk Songs 
Composed by John Jacob Niles 
with Cathy Berberian, Juilliard Ensemble 
Conducted by Luciano Berio 

Work(s) Three songs 
Composed by Kurt Weill 
with Cathy Berberian, Juilliard Ensemble 
Conducted by Luciano Berio


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