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Tonino Baliardo - Essences (2000) [Latin Jazz-Flamenco][mp3 320]
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Mar 25, 2009

Tonino Baliardo - Essences
Year: 2000
Label: PEM
Total time: 53:40
Bitrate: 320 kbps

The grandparents Baliardo came from Figueras, Spain, and settled in Montpellier during the early part of the twentieth century where Tonino was born in 1961.  He was very young when he first hel the guitar.  At six years old he knew how to play the Compas ( the art of rhytmical measure ) and very soon he became the finest guitarist among the young gypsies of the region.  At fifteen he played the Festivals of Les Saintes Maries de la Mer where his great uncle, José Reyes - an idolised gypsy singer - predicted a great future for Tonino.  A few years later he met José's sons and joined them as the solo guitarist in their band "Los Reyes".  Later they where to change the name of the band to "Gypsy Kings" and embrace their legendary career.  Filled with admiration for Paco de Lucia, of whom he is a disciple, Tonino's style became more open, favouring melody and emotion.  With his wide range of compositions and perfect lyrical content.  Tonino now stands out in the international Flamenco style of playing, baring his soul and preserving the "duende" ( the art of bewitching ).  Today Tonino expresses himself solely with the only thing that allows him to convey to us his most secret and imposing emotions...his guitar. - from the CD cover

One can only summize Baliardo's techniques as expressive and yes, universal...none of this guess work of who is playing this fantastic mood flamengo setting, from the very first chords, you're're enrolled immediately to the "Tonino Baliardo Fan Club", and you want more of the same...justification can only be the term used for the title and the following tracks of this outstanding collection...played over and over everyday on the easy listening, smooth jazz and classical radio stations...distinctive style is immediately recognizable...a mix of classical and of course flamenco...highly acceptable in all parts of the continent and world.  But several highlights come to mind - "Rumba Caliente"..."Caravan Road"...but my personal favorite hands down is - "Redemption", passion flows like red wine, only to leave you completely mesmirized by haunting refrains, gets under your skin and stays there for days, trust me! ~ J. Lovins,

Tonino Baliardo (Guitar) 
Gerard Prevost (Bass) - 1-5,7-9,11 
Vincent Chavagnac (Flute and Programming) - 4,5,8,9,11 
Jorge "Negrito" Trasante (Clave, Drums and Timbales) - 1,2,9 
Philippe Mace (Vibes) - 1,5,12 
Vic Emerson (Strings) - 3,8,12 
André Ceccarelli (Drums) - 4,7,12 
Frank Benguigui (Electric Guitar) - 7,12 
Marc Fosset (Electric Guitar) - 7,12 
Nicolas Montazaud (Percussion) - 8,11 
Rabah Khalfa (Darbouka and Bendir) - 9,11
Patrick Gauthier (Piano) - 4,5 
Rodolfo Pacheco Jimenez (Voices, Percussion) - 1,2
Eric Mula (Trumpet) - 4 
Christian Fourquet (Trombone) - 4 
Jules Saury (Bongos) - 5 
Carles Benavent (Bass) - 6 
Tino di Geraldo (Cajon, Tablas and Palmas) - 6 
Rolando Faria (Vocals) - 7 
Jacynthe Jacquet (Piano) - 1 
Dominique Droin (Piano) - 2 
Laurent de Gasperis (Acoustic Guitar) - 3 
Bob Boisadan (Hammond Organ) - 3 
Julie Saury (Bongos) - 1 
Dominique Vernhes (Clarinet) - 12

Tonino Baliardo - Essences Tracks:
01  Sabroso (Tonino Baliardo) 5:00 
02  Recuerdo Apasionado (Tonino Baliardo/Jacques Baliardo/Nicolas Reyes/André Reyes/Paul Reyes/Francois Reyes/Patchai Reyes/Georges Reyes) 3:07 
03  Redemption (Tonino Baliardo) 5:00 
04  Manolete (Tonino Baliardo/John Coltrane) 3:48 
05  Cosso (Tonino Baliardo) 4:19 
06  Gitanito (Tonino Baliardo) 5:37 
07  Bossa Nueva (Tonino Baliardo) 4:32 
08  Cynthia (Tonino Baliardo) 4:08 
09  Rumba Caliente (Tonino Baliardo) 3:32 
10  Reverie (Tonino Baliardo) 5:25 
11  Caravan Road (Tonino Baliardo) 5:38 
12  Remember Django (Tonino Baliardo) 3:28