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Feb 13, 2009

Tired of people that doesn't know what a WebRip is. So I'm removing file name and nfo. At the moment I have more than 50 000 DL on this, and TPB is the only place where people expect perfect quality on a WebRip instead of saying thank you for the Pre-Air. You lot can wait a few weeks and get it when it get aired. 
I'm a fan of the show but I will not UL any more of this show on TPB 17 Feb -09


Its O.K :)

video 6
lyd 8
no sound 6
Yes its the real deal, vid gets 8/10 sound is abit outsync so 7/10. Its watcheble ;)
useless, its not OK.


What are you sorry about?
This WebRip is for fans that don't want to wait 2 weeks for the airing

You should wait and never DL a WebRip again

Dra åt ... Robin Johansson
People come on! Read before you write. has already stated the quality, no need for those comments. Not even if you add a sorry!

Tack för hårt arbete!
Till Robin Johansson, känner du till ordet klåpare?
what is the matter with you people. it's not that bad. a9 v8
You rock! I hate waiting. This takes care of the HIMYM fix. You, sir, are a god among men. Thank you for this!
I should probably say that I downloaded this awhile ago and after taking a look at some of the comments decided to be a little more vocal about my immense gratitude. My life wouldn't be even close to the same as far as entertainment goes if it weren't for torrent uploaders. Seriously, you guys rule the world of cool in my book. Just sayin'.
Very informative title and description, really explains what this is (hah).
I haven't seen this show before, so the acronym in the title didn't mean anything to me.
Only because I noticed the link to some subs in a previous comment, did I finally find out what the 'content' of this torrent is.