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Jonathan Johansson - En hand i himlen - 2008
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Singer-songwriter Stockholm Malmö Hybris Sveriges Radio Sveriges Television SVT PSL
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Jan 2, 2009

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Number of tracks: 4

#1: En hand i himlen [4:14]
#2: Innan vi faller [5:59]
#3: En hand i himlen (The Sound of Arrows remix) [6:07]
#4: En hand i himlen (Rigas remix) [4:27]

Jonathan Johanssons debut single at HYBRIS! Inclueds the B-side "Innan vi faller". Remixes by Sound of arrows(Labrador) and Rigas(Flora & Fauna) About Jonathan Johansson: ”Ett himmelskt poplöfte” - Sonic ”Yes, there’s more than enough room in your life for another sensitive Swede reviving early-1980s new romantic sounds, especially if said Swede has heart firmly clasped to sleeve and hand reaching so valiantly to heaven as Jonathan Johansson. On ”En hand i himlen” (which translates to ”A Hand in Heaven”), the Stockholm-based electronic artist, whose debut is slated for February on Hybris, harnesses soft vocals and dreamy synths (think A Flock of Seagulls’ ”Wishing”) to a particularly dramatic electric drum and a pulsing bassline (think New Order’s... any song). The son of a preacher, Johansson spent three years recording songs in a bunker to get the right sound. ”En hand i himlen” is nothing you’d call new, but damned if he doesn’t make it all sound freshly autumnal, another ideal song for another overcast day.” - Stephen M. Deusner, Pitchfork.


Hörde denna på radio idag. Fet låt ;)
Lovande för framtiden..mycket bra låt!!
En Hand I Himlem is a GREAT GREAT song (even thow i don't understand a word!!!)
Great torrent! Thanks