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mexico corruption politics comedy

Feb 24, 2020

Mexico's President commits a serious gaffe on live television while welcoming the U.S. ambassador. His allies at the media conglomerate Television Mexicana seek to divert attention by reporting on a bribery scandal involving Governor Carmelo Vargas, who is seen caressing a briefcase full of dollars. Governor Vargas then pays millions to TV MX to improve his image and make him a suitable candidate for the presidency. TV MX lands on the kidnapping of twin girls for this purpose, and shows Vargas as a dynamic leader heading the search efforts. The film is a sardonic, (black) humorous, at times violent look at the convergence of presidential politics and a voracious media monopoly. The viewer is left to decide how much of it is fiction, and how much a true reflection of life at the top in Mexico.

[STARS]........: Damián Alcázar, Alfonso Herrera, Joaquín Cosio
[DIRECTOR].....: Luis Estrada
[GENRE]........: Comedy, Drama
[SIZE].........: 4.28 GB
[VIDEO]........: AVC
[BITRATE]......: 3320Kbps
[RESOLUTION]...: 1920x1080
[RUNTIME]......: 2h 23mn
[AUDIO1].......: Spanish AC3 5.1 448kbps
[AUDIO2].......: Spanish AAC 2.0 128kbps
[AUDIO3].......: English AC3 5.1 384kbps

This is a rip originally released by the group Tommy with a dubbed english soundtrack. I have remuxed it with the original spanish soundtrack in AC3 5.1 and AAC stereo