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Our Cartoon President seasons 1-2 480p (incl. Election Special)
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Our Cartoon President Stephen Colbert Donald Trump Showtime

Dec 2, 2019

Season 1 (including "Election Special 2018" as episode 18)
Season 2
Thanks to all uploaders on !!! Because these were all "locally-sourced", as it were.

Most of these were 720x480 sources, a few are 720x404, but there I couldn't find all episodes in one quality, so this is a mish-mash of sources, but are now all 480p (except the ones that are only 720x404).

Almost all were MKV format so the two I couldn't find in MKV I converted from MP4 to MKV for consistency's sake. Same goes for resolution. The episodes I couldn't find in 480p I converted 720p versions down to 480p for consistency's sake. I don't know a ton about container formats so there may have been a more efficient way to do this resulting in smaller file sizes, but you're welcome to hunt them all down yourself if you're not happy with my upload.

I verified all subtitles were working and re-synced when needed, which also means I noticed when S01E17's SD upload on TPB was a duplicate of S01E16, so I grabbed the correct episode in 720p and converted it down to 480p as mentioned above. I haven't watched the episodes in their entirety yet but this should be the complete first two seasons with no duplicates.
Enjoy, and please seed!