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Jul 15, 2017

The winner of many awards.  So beautiful shooter you have not seen! 
 Multi-player mode, a long story, special missions and many unique guns 
New York has become the epicenter of the most dangerous world zombie epidemic.  And a skillful hero is needed, ready to cope with the undead and find out what or who is behind the whole epidemic.  Go through the story for one of five unique characters, members of the elite unit, also known as Wolfpack, whose task is to clean the streets of New York from the mud.  As a member of a private military organization whose goal is to find, track down and destroy all possible threats, you will go to the streets, the subway, sewerage and alleys of New York.  Step by step you will approach the solution of an incredibly cunning and mean design.  How good that you will have many loyal trunks.  
* More than 150 story assignments - here you are navigating 
 * Unique enemies and bosses: SHERIFF, LOVKACH, MINER, MEATNIK and many others.  
 * Over 40 (count!) Weapons of five classes, including LSAT, SAIGA-12K shotgun, and M24 sniper rifle! 
Get a lot of costumes and weapons for your character.  Be the most stylish among zombie chaos! 
Multiplayer PvP 
 * Fight real players on 5 unique PvP cards 
 * Choose your hero with customizable skills and equipment for PvP 
 * Earn & quot; data & quot;  ;  Victories in PvP and pump your character in a huge tree of development 
 Become a Champion in ranked leagues and duels 
Fight in New York 
 Together with a group of fighters from around the world save New York 
* Overcome obstacles and receive rewards: VIP chests, Gold, Devices, Money ... * Enjoy different combat objects. * Become a champion and receive a special award OPERATION & "OVERWRITE" - Asynchronous PvP Build your zombie army by collecting DNA drawings Clone and improve your dead Create your own army of zombies by collecting DNA drawings Clone and improve your corpses * Attack the bases of other players with your zombie army Experiment with the protective barrier of your base * Reflect all attacks to turn on the protective barrier * Defend several times in a row and get more gold! * The total score is in the leaderboard * Neutral zombies are ordinary tasks, but with high complexity
A SUCCESSFUL EFFECTS FROM THE FIRST PERSON! * A unique control system from MFG - it has already been tested by millions of games Cove * Intuitive gameplay: our system of automatic fire can focus on gameplay * Supports multiple gamepads * Try a new chip - Adrenaline. Check your accuracy! AWESOME COOLING GRAPHICS * Soft high-resolution shadows * Particle system running on the GPU. More than a dozen thousand effects * Nonsmooth reflective surfaces * A modern rendering based on the technology of SpeedTree * Highly polygonal models * Effects that create a truly cinematic sensation Innovations of NVIDIA Tegra X1:
* Three times more particles (death, blood, explosions, bullets) * Particles look much better * Improved reflections * Detailed shadows GAME NEWS * Selection of the game Nickname * * Constant update of achievements