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horro strategy adventure

Jul 4, 2017


With the nationalization of the Iran oil industry and the establishment
of the national government in 1952, the hands of the British had been
cut off from the Iranian oil. Notwithstanding this, they try everything
in their power to defeat the national government. Amid foreign and
domestic acts of sabotage and attempts to overthrow the government in
Tehran and Southern Iran, hidden forces in Northern Iran join to steal
the Iranian oil. This is aggravated by the killing of the
representative of Rasht, who was an advocate of the national movement
and of a number of police officers in Rasht and others dispatched from
Tehran. Thus, detective Mohammad Afshar is dispatched to Rasht to
unravel mysteries about these actions which were against the national
interests. In addition to learning about a number of gruesome murders
he discovers efforts to divert people s attention to multiple crimes to
prepare the ground for a coup. In addition to identifying the
murderers, Afshar has to deal with the evident treason that is being

Game features

A fascinating and engaging story in a film noir setting similar to that
of serial killing stories

Loyal to the Adventure genre, more than 12 mini games and tens of
environmental puzzles

Tens of graphic documents, newspapers, short stories, and old

Narrating the story in more than 20 locations and 65 backgrounds with
utmost 2D detail

27 characters with more than 150 pages of captivating dialogue

More than 20 minutes of motion comics for a more precise narration of
the story

60 minutes of engaging film noir music

95 pages of completely interactive daily notes by the detective

More than 5 hours of gameplay


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