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Martha Velez-Fiends and Angels; FLAC
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Jul 17, 2016

The lossless version of this seminal album has long been unavailable as a torrent,and it is for this reason, I am passing on the favor and re-uploading it-having previously d/l it a few years ago. 

Martha Velez was a operatically trained singer who migrated to the harder edged blues/rock sound. Somehow she consorted with Jimi Henrix, who invited her to attend Woodstock with him. For some reason she declined and never cracked the commercial ceiling.

Her talents were sufficient that the producer (Mike Vernon-who produced the 'Beano' Bluesbreaker album with Mayall/Clapton) managed to recruit no only Clapton....BUT also Paul Kossoff, and even Jimmy Page. But due to a prior commitment, Page could not make the recording sessions. Clapton and Kossoff however did...and you can easily hear their unmistakeable contributions. 

Check out THESE credits for instance
Martha Velez - Vocals
Guitar - Eric Clapton, Stan Webb, Paul Kossoff, Rick Hayward, Spit James
Bass - Jack Bruce, Andy Silvester
Drums - Jim Capaldi, Mitch Mitchell, Dave Bidwell,
Keyboards - Christine McVie, Blue Weaver
Organ - Brian Auger
Saxophone - Johnny Almond, Chris Mercer, Chris Wood
Horn - Jeff Condon, Terry Noonan, Bud Parkes, Derek Wadsworth
Harmonica - Duster Bennett

The end result fully lives up to the sum of its parts