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Freyda Epstein (with Acoustic AttaTude and 1 solo album) FLAC
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Oct 17, 2015

Here are two disks from Freyda Epstein. The first is her best acclaimed, both in the music and in the hi-fi press. After leaving what started off as a hammered dulcimer Folk band (Trapezoid-see my 4 CD torrent upload  which can be found her )she formed Acoustic Attatude that was less inspired by mountain folk, and more inspired by classical music-for instance one track is Telemann Canonic Sonata, while still retaining a contempory folk influence. Midnight at Cabell Hall reminds me greatly of the Cowboy Junkies 'The Trinity Sessions' in that it was recorded direct to two track DAT as a live and unedited performance in a small acoustically intimate setting, using balls-to-the-wall high end audio equipment and microphones. The results surely reflect the care that has gone behind the production. More details can be found on the liner notes. 

The other album Globallulibies is as the title suggests a collection of lullabies from around the world. But they are not childish music by any means-just placid and beautiful. Freyda took the effort to sing them in their native languages and used a vocal coach to get an authentic as possible delivery. Back up musicians include members from early Trapezoid as well as Acoustic AttaTude, so the results are quite predictable, and most welcome. 

Both albums showcase the warm, understated vocal delivery and beautiful violin tone that Freyda seemed to throw down without effort. 

I managed to track her down in the early 2000s, shortly before her very tragic death, and sent her some CDs to be autographed. High quality scans (1200 dpi) of her signatures are included here. 

Fittingly enough, when I loaded up Globalullabies, the on-line music data base popped up with 'Freyda-RIP'. I have never seen an online database reference anything extraneous to the actual recording before, but this really was a fitting tribute to a splendid musican, teacher and recording artist